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Case Study

Supporting the work of a leading shipyard

A&P Group in Falmouth operates the largest ship repair complex in the UK, with 230 full time staff. Located in one of the world’s biggest natural deep-water harbours, A&P’s shipyard includes three large dry docks, workshops, seven wharves and extensive alongside deep-water berthing, providing capacity for vessels of up to 100,000 tonnes.

Armada Engineering has had an excellent working relationship with A&P for many years and continues to provide a wide range of services that are integral to the smooth and efficient running of the shipyard.

Armada Engineering’s Technical Director, Alan Rowe, says:

“We work very closely with A&P Group and we are proud to be involved with such a prestigious and progressive company and to be one of their approved suppliers.

“We have carried our many hydraulics installations in the shipyard. As well as building entire hydraulics systems for ships on behalf of A&P, we have also installed vital operating equipment in the shipyard, such as cranes and winches.

“We provide A&P with technical support, including for their important work on naval ships like the Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels. All of this work has to be delivered to the very high standards that A&P Group demand.

“We supply personal protective equipment to the shipyard and we also provide them with many of the consumables that they need for the day to day running of the operation.

“We pass on our skills to the shipyard, by delivering specialist training to A&P’s teams in the installation and operation of marine hydraulics.

“We hope that we can continue to contribute to the success of A&P Group for many years to come.”