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Engine Sales

Supplying the world’s finest engines

Armada Engineering are now official sales distributors for John Deere (Marine & Industrial) engines, Yanmar (Marine & Industrial) engines, and Barrus Shire (Work Boat) engines.

For more than 30 years, John Deere have provided propulsion, auxiliary and generator drive engines to power commercial and recreational vessels. Their engines are powerful, reliable, quiet and fuel efficient.

Yanmar is an international company with a strong brand reputation in the marine industry. Their engines have a high power to weight ratio and are compact in size. They are extremely reliable while also being low in noise and vibration.

Barrus Shire (Work Boat) engines range from 15hp to 85hp and offer a wide choice of optional upgrades. They are custom-built to the highest standards, thoroughly tested prior to despatch, and have a longer service interval than many other brands.

With their exceptional marine engineering knowledge, our team will help you to select the right engine for the job from the product range of these three world-leading manufacturers. Speak to our experienced sales team.

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