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Flushing Rigs

Flushing rigs for carrying out crucial system maintenance

In addition to carry out flushing services on your behalf, Armada also provides a range of high quality flushing equipment for hire.

Flushing is vital to ensure that your hydraulic system keeps operating effectively with minimum downtime and that you maximise the working life of your equipment. Contaminated fluid is responsible for over 90% of premature equipment failures, with the main contaminants being solid particles and water.

New pipework and existing systems which are contaminated can only be cleaned by flushing with clean, hot hydraulic liquid. This must be circulated at sufficient flow rates to remove any contaminants from all parts of the system. Water is removed by the use of different filtration units which are also available for hire.

Armada has a range of different sizes of flushing rigs available for hire, depending on the type of task they are needed for. These are either fitted with filtration units or, with the smaller flushing rigs, separate filtration units are used.

If you need any help with choosing the right specification, our team can give you expert advice. Our technicians have carried out hydraulic flushing on some of the world’s most complex hydraulic systems, from superyachts to aircraft carriers.

Once you have selected your equipment, then if required, we can assist with installing it at your site and briefing your teams on its effective use.

We are proud to work with the British Fluid Power Distributors Association (BFPDA)


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