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Renewable Energy

Providing essential services to the renewable energy industry

Armada Engineering has been commissioned to carry out a number of pioneering projects in this field.

Armada was involved in setting up the very first tidal arrays in the UK, located off the coast of Scotland. Here, Armada Engineering was responsible for building the massive powerpacks for Rolls Royce Tidal Generation that are at the heart of this facility.

For the construction of the huge Westermost Rough offshore wind farm, situated in the North Sea, Armada’s hydraulic expertise played a crucial role. Armada Engineering designed and built the hydraulics for the upending buckets which were needed to lift these huge 177m tall structures into position. This was the first time that hydraulics had been used in this way on a windfarm construction project of this scale.

Armada also designed and built a hydraulic powered test rig for a prototype 500 kW tidal turbine which needed to be trialled in Orkney before being deployed at sea. You can see the full case study on this project here.

These projects demonstrate how Armada can bring its unique technical ability to bear on a range of tough challenges. They also help explain why Armada’s work is attracting more and more interest from clients in the renewable energy industry.


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