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Total Hydraulic
Management Service

Safeguard your hydraulics with our Total Hydraulic Management Service

Even the tiniest hydraulic component can cause a system failure resulting in costly downtime and repairs.

It makes sense to trust the performance of your hydraulics to the experts, which is why we created a Total Hydraulic Management Service designed to be a complete solution. We call it THMS.

Through THMS, we take on the responsibility of managing your hydraulics, from initial surveys, repairs and maintenance, to parts replacement and system optimisation.

THMS gives you the assurance of a professional and efficient service no matter where your vessel is, through engineering visits and remote assistance. As part of the service we can supply full or partial spares kits, annual inspections and scheduled maintenance as well as access to our global parts network and hydraulics training for your operatives.

With full design and engineering capability in house, THMS makes perfect sense. Indeed, where Armada helps a vessel's manager avoid one breakdown in ten years, that vessel's THMS will have paid for itself many times over.

Take advantage of this great service and contact us to find out how THMS can work for you.

We are proud to work with the British Fluid Power Distributors Association (BFPDA)


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