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Case Study

Installing complex hydraulic systems for a new fishing boat

C.Toms & Son is a well-established boatyard in Polruan, Cornwall, which has been operating since 1922. The company has a national reputation in the fishing industry and has built boats for customers right across the UK. Armada Engineering has worked with C.Toms & Son for many years.

Armada Engineering was commissioned to design, construct and install the hydraulic systems for a new fishing boat that C.Toms & Son were building on behalf of the North Devon Trawlers Association. The project took nine months to complete, as the hydraulic system impacted on virtually every aspect of the boat’s operation.

Armada Engineering’s Technical Director, Alan Rowe, describes some of the engineering challenges:

“This was a highly technical project that utilised all of Armada’s unique skills in marine hydraulics.

“The system had to be able to power and control three different types of fishing: trawling, netting and beam trawling. The hydraulics for these had to integrate seamlessly with all the other systems on the boat.

“The fishing boat was fitted with Spencer Carter winching equipment, for which we did all the installation work.

“The hydraulics were designed so that they could be proportionally controlled from the wheelhouse or operated by hand using remote wireless control.

“We built into the system load-sensing variable displacement pumps, in order to minimise heat and maximise operating efficiency.

“As part of the system, we also installed a bow thruster and an integrated pressure washer system.

“By working closely with the boatyard team, and by being involved from a very early stage, we were able to design and build a total solution that incorporates the latest thinking in marine hydraulics and enables the owner to operate a highly efficient commercial fishing operation.”