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Case Study

Helping with a fire system for one of the world’s most important libraries

Oxford University’s Bodleian Library was originally opened in 1602 and is one of the oldest libraries in Europe, housing many precious collections. It is the main research library for Oxford University and the second largest library in the UK, after the British Library. The historic Bodleian Library attracts visitors, scholars and researchers from all over the world and in total contains more than 12 million printed items.

Armada Engineering was approached by a contractor who had been appointed to install a new fire mains to protect this important building. They wanted to use the Walform Plus system for the hydraulic pipework and needed help from Armada to provide the equipment needed for the pipework, advice on how to achieve the best results, and bespoke training sessions for their teams.

Armada was able to specify the equipment required and arrange hire for the 9 months that the project took to complete. Armada then devised and delivered a training programme for their staff, showing them how to operate the equipment correctly, efficiently and safely. The training was delivered on-site, to suit the needs of the contractor and their teams. The fire system was delivered on schedule and the contractor and their clients were delighted with the result.

Alan Rowe, Technical Director at Armada Engineering, was closely involved in the project. He says:

“Walform Plus is a world-leading system for high pressure hydraulic pipework and it was ideal for a project like this because it requires no welding and gives a result that is clean, modern, leak-free and very robust. It can be adapted to many different applications.

“The machinery that is used to form the ends of the pipework is relatively straightforward to use. With the right training, most people can become competent at using the equipment within a day – which is another great benefit of the system.

“We were approached because ours is one of the most experienced teams in the world when it comes to working with the Walform Plus system. It was really satisfying to have played our part in preserving and protecting such an iconic building.”