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Case Study

Providing vital services for commercial shipping operators

Armada Engineering’s skills and experience are in demand from a range of international shipping operators. These are just two examples.

V.Ships is one of the world’s leading ship management companies. V.Ships has a global presence, with a network of 18 offices and a team of 600 ship management specialists who provide services to a wide range of cargo vessels.

As well as being an important provider of pumps and components to V.Ships, the company uses Armada Engineering to deliver specialist training to its teams at its own training facility in Poland.

Armada Engineering designed and conducted a tailor-made one week training programme for the Chief Engineers from V.Ships. This course gave their engineers a complete introduction to marine hydraulics, covering ring mains and mooring systems. It showed them how to analyse and identify any faults or problems within hydraulic systems and the steps that they need to take to resolve these.

Armada Engineering has worked with one of the world’s leading oil surveying companies. After a spell at sea, their survey ships would make port calls of 10 days duration, to carry out essential maintenance. Armada Engineering’s teams would be called on to provide all the hydraulic maintenance that these ships required, including any fuel system upgrades.

Armada Engineering has carried out this work as far afield as Uruguay, Brazil, the Gulf of Mexico, Norway, and the Middle East.

Armada Engineering’s Technical Director, Alan Rowe, says:

“Customers like these demand very high standards from their service providers and our team has the specialist expertise to deliver.

“We have applied our technical skills to a wide variety of commercial shipping projects around the world, giving us outstanding experience in this field.

“Armada can deliver top-class marine consultancy, installation and training, wherever our clients need it.”